So you are ready to give the homebuying experience a go…you’re starting at the right place!  

Exciting and a bit scary the first time, but get the guidance of Jacqui to help make it more enjoyable! See if any of these common questions match your own:

Q: What does a Mortgage Broker charge?

A:  Mortgage Brokers typically do not charge you any fees.  Years ago, and with some unusual situations, brokers have charged fees. This misconception often keeps buyers away from the opportunities of what brokers do for you!




Q:  What does a Mortgage Broker do that is different from my bank?

A:  We get the banks to compete for your business!  Think of us as your personal shopper.  We take your information once, and then shop the banks for you and come back with options that you get to chose from.  We are unbiased, which means we don’t just have our in-house bank offer, we have many and our interest is in your choice only.  So, you don’t have to run around and go through the process over and over to compare offers.  Easy!


Q:  What are the first steps to a mortgage?

A:  Start by having the conversation with your Broker.  The most important step is the “PRE APPROVAL”.  This step is quick and easy.  We take your information, look at your credit history and job situation and tell you what the banks will give you for financing.  Once you have this information, you know exactly what you can afford to buy, and what it will cost you each month.  From here you can say “GO”, and we head off to the banks for offers, or “WAIT”, I need to get better prepared. 




Q:  What things should I have ready for my Mortgage Broker at the time of my application?

A:  We are going to ask you about your job, income, savings for down payment, credit history.  Keep in mind that each person is different and we work with you to get you prepared if you’re not yet.  Sometimes it’s a few months of preparation, and we will give you that advice if it’s needed.


Are you a Renter Ready to Buy a Home?

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