You’ve done this before, owned or currently own a home and you have some needs that tie into your home…



Up for renewal on

your mortgage?

Or just want to explore a better rate?

Considering a home renovation, debt consolidation, an investment?

It’s a great idea to revisit your mortgage at least annually to see where it stands in the current market both in value and with your interest rate. There are some mid-term options that make sense.  Your mortgage broker can show you what is out there for options and how you can get ahold of them. Don’t wait for renewal and be subject to limited offers.

Selling and buying your next home?

Let’s talk about what a “refinance” means.  Just like a pre approval you went through at the time you bought, applying for and understanding your options before you move ahead is important.


 Here are the steps:

a.  Mortgage Application/Pre Approval:  this will tell us how much of a larger mortgage you can qualify for, assuming you are increasing the mortgage to gain access to your equity.

b. Determine what the home value is.  Sometimes this requires a full appraisal.  This value is what we use to establish your available equity. 

c.  Review of your existing mortgage.  What is owing and how flexible are the terms of your mortgage to restructure for taking out equity. 

Maybe you are in your starter home and your family has outgrown the current ‘digs’!  See what you qualify for now with the pre approval.  This process will help in keeping you on track with this type of move.  There are experts that we work with that guide you along:  Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Brokers, Appraisers.  We’ll keep it simple and stress free for you!

With over 20 years experience, Jacqui will be able to showcase all of these options for you and make sure you are on track at all times.

Fill out a simple application to get the ball rolling!

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