Christmas Charity: 5 Nominated Families

January 8, 2015

The process of our ‘nominate a family’ campaign:

In November, we sent out a form to our networks in hopes of being aligned with a family to donate to over the holiday season. Thanks to all of you, we were blessed with more nominations than expected, and needed to figure out how to narrow the number down. We assembled a team to go through each submission thoroughly and pick out 5 well deserving families. Please note: this was a very difficult process, and many factors were taken into account to select the 5. 


We, Quantus, have a program set in place to deduct a small portion of every deal we fund to use towards our charities and promotions, and at the time, we had budgeted to help 3 families. Once the 3 were selected, we sent their stories out to our team to let them know where their contributions would be going. As mentioned, our team had already contributed towards the charity fund on each deal, but once the stories went out, they started pledging even more! Left, right, and center! Eventually we ended up doubling our money, and were able to take on the last 2 families as well.


After contacting the individuals who nominated the families, we were able to send out and receive back ‘wish lists’ from each of the 5 families. A team of our people hit the malls and started shopping for 11 children and their households. Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Safeway; you name it, we were there! Then came the wrapping… we must have gone through 20 rolls of paper! Finally, once we were all ready to go, a few of our brokers got together to set up the deliveries to the families, and here are the stories they came back to the group with:


Family 1: This family consisted of 3 boys (9,11,18) and their mother who were overjoyed to have us in their home (especially when they saw their brand new bikes pull up!) The mother mentioned that the bikes would be used for as much entertainment to the boys as transportation. The 11 year old was stuck to his handlebars the whole time with a big smile on his face, he had said he already had a helmet and was ready to ride. His beloved new bike had been stolen out of their garage this summer and couldn’t believe he was getting a new one! They took the gifts out of our hands and excitedly placed each one under the tree, “We had no presents under the tree and now look how many we have mom!” This experience was amazing, they are such a well deserving family and it was very humbling to see them so excited to have gifts this year.


Family 2: Dad & Mom had kept it a surprise from the kids, so when we had showed up with all of the gifts the 3 kids were so excited. This family had just lost their 4th, so they had been in mourning for a while. Mom wasn’t sure about how to swing Christmas because Dad had been laid off for taking time off to mourn their son. Our team stayed about 20 minutes to watch the family open a few gifts, and the parents were very appreciative. The youngest had wanted a Buzz Lightyear for months, and couldn’t believe he got one! To infinity, and beyond!


Family 3: Two separate people had nominated this family; they wanted her to be able to give her two daughters a full and happy Christmas this year. Although we hear of it more often then we wish to, this is another single mother situation, working two jobs and still struggling to keep the electricity on. But she is an amazing mother and still keeps her head up through it all. Her 13 year old asked for a bookshelf for Christmas because she loves to read, and her 10 year old asked for some pony stuff and a fuzzy blanket! They were very grateful to receive the donations.


Family 4: A single father looks after his two daughters after the loss of their mother last year. It was a tough year for this family, but the two little girls opened their gifts while our team was there and had big smiles on their faces. Dora the explorer was a hit!


Family 5: This family of three has been struggling with health issues for a while. The father had been hurt in an automobile accident and hasn’t been able to work a full time job since, the mother has been diagnosed with MS, and their daughter was born with severe autism. We were able to set the parents up with some therapeutic massages, and the daughter with some very intuitive learning toys. They were very happy to have us in their home, and to share the holiday spirit with us.

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